Depression. It’s more than just the blues. But what does it really mean? And how do you know if you or someone you know are suffering from it?

Depression affects all aspects of one’s life. It can make you feel sad, angry, anxious, and hopeless. It can leave you feeling pessimistic, guilty, worthless, helpless and isolated.

You are not alone and it doesn’t have to be this way. Depression is the most treatable of all mental health issues.

Calgary Counselling Centre is here to help. With no waitlist, a sliding-fee-scale based on income, and barrier-free access to counselling.

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The issue of depression is spreading.

It impacts every aspect of one’s life. Every culture. Every community. It affects all of us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Depression is the most treatable of all mental health issues. There is a solution that works. It’s effective. It’s proven. Together we can tackle depression head-on. Calgary Counselling Centre presents Defy Depression. 

Depression is a complex disorder that inhibits healthy thinking. It affects you emotionally, physically, behaviorally and cognitively. It can make you sad, angry, anxious and hopeless. It can leave you feeling pessimistic, guilty, worthless, helpless and isolated.The problem is far bigger than you can imagine. It breaks the spirit. Drains all motivation.Workplaces and communities struggle. Families are in chaos. People lose jobs. Individuals despair. Depression destroys lives. 

The good news is Depression is highly treatable. 

People can and do recover. The earlier it’s identified and treated, the more effective the outcome. Calgary Counselling Centre has a proven and effective solution to Defy Depression.

Here’s how the Defy Depression success equation works:

  1. We encourage people to seek help early and ensure they’re matched with the right counsellor.
  2. The person takes some individual counselling sessions to develop coping skills.
  3. They work in a group with sessions to help them develop new skills and learn from other people about how to change their behaviour.
  4. And every single time the person comes through the door for a session, we measure their progress.

We have developed a successful delivery model to dramatically improve recovery from depression.  This continual feedback approach—or as we call it, “evidence-based Feedback Informed Treatment” significantly improves mental health.

On a session-by-session basis we measure:


The changes that occur as a result of counselling.


The alliance with, and the impact of the service a therapist offers.

Progress is evaluated every time a client walks through our doors. Next steps are real. Focused. Concrete. Based on progress. Based on results (more on Calgary Counselling Centre). We are achieving unprecedented results. In particular, 78 per cent of clients improved in our depression program.

Nearly a decade ago, the World Health Organization predicted that depression would leap from the fourth to the second greatest cause of human suffering and disability by the year 2020…

Unfortunately, we have already reached this milestone.

How many more?

Depression does not discriminate based on age, gender, personality, economic status, ethnicity or geographic location. Depression is affecting children, youth and families. Canada’s youth suicide rate is the highest in the industrialized world. The largest group of sufferers are 24 to 44 – prime parenting years. The fastest growing group are kids of depressed parents.

In Calgary on average, 4 to 8 teenagers are depressed in every classroom. Only 1 or 2 of those kids are getting help. Depression knows no bounds. It can strike anyone at any time (check out the stats). Someone you know is depressed right now: your child, neighbour, aunt, spouse or even you.

Depression has the ability to outmanoeuvre, weaken and obliterate. Suicide became the only solution to an unendurable level of mental pain.”

—a mother talks about the suicide of her son.

How many more will suffer before we take action as a community?

of suicide victims had depression, often in combination with other mental health or substance abuse disorders

of clients improved in our depression program

of those who suffer from depression seek help.

We need help now!

Calgary Counselling Centre has identified four key pillars to transform this issue.


    Screening and engagement campaign.


    Ensure subsidies are available for our most vulnerable citizens, develop cultural-specific program.


    Train more counsellors, students and service providers on leading international best practices.


    Ongoing evaluation and analysis of program outcomes, share best practices with policy makers and other service providers.

No one else is tackling depression in this comprehensive, transformational way. In order to reverse the spread of depression, long-term funding is vital.

We will need $6 million over the next three years to fully support our plan.

Together we will get there. With vision. With commitment. With your help.

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